Accurate methods are presented to determine the productivity of multifractured horizontal wells with transverse or longitudinal fractures. Charts combined with a simple expression give the relationship between the effective wellbore radius and fracture conductivity, fracture size, wellbore radius, number of fractures and distance between the fractures as dimensionless parameters.

The effectiveness of multifractured horizontal wells is illustrated by a variety of examples, with well response compared to non-fractured vertical and horizontal wells and to fractured vertical wells. It was identified that stimulating horizontal wells is favourable in thick formations and in reservoirs with low vertical to horizontal permeability ratio. In particular, it is shown that the potential productivity of horizontal wells stimulated by transverse fractures is higher than for wells stimulated by longitudinal fractures. However, a low fracture conductivity has a much more adverse effect on transverse fractures compared longitudinal fractures. The importance of the number of fractures and especially the distance between the fractures also is demonstrated. Some existing analytical solutions are also discussed and comparisons are made with results from this paper.

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