Satellite developments are an attractive solution for producing oil from small marginal fields. However, their application is limited by the distance that the crude oil can travel with the natural pressure of the reservoir. To overcome this limitation the paper proposes to use multiphase pumping to provide energy to the fluid. To implement this technology at low technical risks, the pumping unit could be located at the surface, aboard a small floating support. The production would be exported by means of a reusable flexible pipe to a processing centre.

After presenting recent advances in multiphase production, the paper describes the proposed system, designed to produce fields with 20 to 60 millions bbl. of recoverable reserves and located from 10 to 60 km, or beyond, from existing facilities or the shore. The system is characterized by its mobility. After depletion of a Held, it can be easily retrieved and moved to another location. In addition to reduced capital expenditures and relocability, the proposed system may accelerate the oil recovery of a field and the produced gas can be processed on the host platform and exported in an existing pipeline system.

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