The understanding of reservoir performance, reservoir heterogeneity, distribution of oil in place and continued data gathering has resulted in a reservoir description and predictive model for use in evaluation of reservoir response to waterflood processes and recovery efficiency for this marginal offshore field.

The vital data for assessing the reservoir flow characteristics were obtained from annual production log surveys, requiring a floating rig at the template and continuous pressure recordings obtained from the permanent downhole gauges in template and platform producers.

An active data gathering program during a prolonged shut down period provided valuable information for the field history match.

Original oil in place (OOIP) in the Scapa field is estimated as 248 million STB. The field had produced about 40 million STB or sixteen percent OOIP through 1991.

The ongoing field development drilling has further provided the extent of the oil accumulation and improved understanding of the geology. This paper assesses the value of the routine reservoir management data acquisition programs which results in improved understanding of reservoir production behaviour resulting in increased proven developed oil reserves by thirty-five percent in this marginal offshore field.

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