Six horizontal wells have been drilled in the V Fields reservoirs with a further two wells planned to be drilled in 1992. Several objectives pursued by these wells include,

  1. Increasing the probability of penetrating a high permeability sand body in a heterogeneous formation.

  2. Increasing deliverability by extending the length of contact of the well with the formation.

  3. Draining low relief, flank areas of the field.

  4. Accessing multiple, potentially isolated fault compartments.

The degree of success has been mixed. Some wells surpassed their objectives while others have been disappointing. Regardless of the commercial results, every well has provided a major insight into the reservoir dynamics and description of these complex fields.

The results show that,

  1. Accurate reservoir description is important to a successful well.

  2. Horizontal wells appear to improve the chances of attaining commercial gas production rates from heterogeneous formations.

  3. Deliverability can be enhanced by extended formation contact in both good quality sands and individual high permeability features.

  4. Compartmentalisation may affect V Fields reservoir performance but faulting is less important than sedimentary heterogeneity.

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