Despite significant improvements in completion technology, water production problems associated with encroachment, channeling, and coning still prevail in' many wells. In this paper, different types of water-producing wells are classified corresponding to their onset mechanisms. Various applications of polymers and cements in minimizing water-oil ratio are reviewed. Methods and limitations of current water control processes are evaluated. A general procedure for designing water-control treatments is presented. This paper also addresses difficulties existing in design and performance of water-control treatments. These include (1) lack of an extensive production history and knowledge of prior stimulation of wells requiring treatment, (2) lack of a systematic approach in treatment design, and (3) improper recovery techniques when returning the well to production. Results of wells treated in various fields are evaluated with respect to methods and chemicals used.

Information presented in this paper will provide the completion engineer a broad knowledge of water-control treatment design parameters and chemical applications currently available within the industry.

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