A new formulation epoxy resin system has been developed, with a solvent system that is compatible with high-expansion elastomers. The versatile epoxy resin system can thus be used with through- tubing straddle packers to treat intervals selectively. The system can be used for sand consolidation, water shut-off and cement repairs. This paper describes the laboratory testing of the new system, various applications of the novel epoxy resin and a case history of the first field trial. Laboratory testing of the system has shown that for sand consolidation the system gives 80-90% return permeability while resulting in increases in unconfined compressive strength of typically 50-70 bar. The system can also be used for shut-off purposes, reducing permeability to water by 99%. Gas shut-off may be less effective. The new resin system produces consolidated sand packs with low moduli of elasticity, which may allow them to survive pressure fluctuations better than more rigid formations. The compatibility of the system with high-expansion straddle packers has been field-proven.

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