This paper describes a field drilling experiment in a preselected section of a well, performed to test an electric high-data-rate telemetry system.

The system uses wired pipes from the surface to an intermediate position and an electrical cable inside the drill pipes and the bottom hole assembly to complete the transmission link. Data are transmitted up from the downhole sensor package to the surface computer unit. The process enables continuous transmission of downhole data while drilling or not, at a sampling rate for instance of 360 times per second of four drilling parameters among the variables to be collected.

The field results indicate that this telemetry system is adaptable, reliable and able to transmit numerous and accurate data for hours.

The process should not be considered as a competitor with commercial MWD* systems, but, at a high rate and with greates accuracy, it enables an analysis to be made of downhole drilling variables such as drill string vibrations, actual environmental conditions or dynamic bit behavior.

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