This paper describes the approach taken to design the Murchsion top sidefacilities. The emphasis is on the management plan, organization, and design control. Other areas discussed are contractor selection, design interfaces, offshore hookup considerations, and the importance of timely operator input. Sufficient detail is presented to provide a reasonable checklist for this type of project. This paper should be of value to operators and design contractors associated with a North Sea Oil project.


The Murchison Platform is located approximately 125 miles N.E. of the Shetland Islands. The platform stands in 510 feet (156 meters) of water. It is designed to produce up to 164,800 BPD (1092 M 3/Hr.) of 100 RVP Crude Oil via the Brent Pipeline System, inject up to 150,000 BPD (994M 3/Hr.) of water for pressure maintenance, and compress 45 MMSCFD (53,100 NM 3/Hr.) of associated gas for reservoir injection or future gas sales. The structure weighs approximately25,000 MT and the topside facilities add another 24,000 MT to the platform. Slides 1 and 2 show the orientation and weight of the facilities modules. Historically the facilities portion of this type of project has been the most difficult to achieve within schedule and budget. The task was to control design quality, schedule and cost for the facilities work from conception through startup. The success of the facilities design depends on the quality of the conceptual plan. In turn, the design impacts fabrication, installation, offshore hookup, startup, operation and maintenance.

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