This paper provides guidance for selecting and designing optimum sand control systems for water injector wells. This guidance is based on a detailed study on issues and problems in water injection wells in the Foinaven field operated by BP.

Given openhole, stand-alone screen failures experienced on two Foinaven water injector wells, a water-injector sandface-completion study was commissioned with the following objectives: to review the issues and problems in water injector wells, propose possible solutions, and conduct engineering designs for water-injector sandface completions listed below.

  • Cased and perforated

  • Openhole stand-alone screens

  • Openhole gravel packs

  • Openhole frac packs

  • Cased hole frac packs

  • Expandable screens

The paper summarises possible causes of sand control failure in the Foinaven field water injection wells and provides potential mitigations by selecting solutions using conventional and innovative technology.

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