In permanent magnet motor electrical submersible pump (PMM-ESP) applications, the motor can act as a powerful electric generator when well fluids from either an upward or downward flow initiate the pump to rotate and subsequently creates motor rotation. This uncontrolled voltage source presents a higher safety risk for service personnel and as a result, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has published Permanent Magnet Motor Safety, API 11S9 Recommended Practice, 1st edition March 2023 to address this concern; existing induction motor (IM) procedures can be adapted for use with PMM-ESP applications. The API 11S9 RP documents methods which can help users draft an original procedure or modify an existing IM procedure for running a PMM. These modifications may require use of additional equipment or methods to ensure worker safety. This paper will provide examples for how the API 11S9 RP can be used to develop detailed procedures for the safe handling of a PMM. The procedures may originate from operators, vendors or be a combined best practices document. Examples are given for updating existing procedures (for induction motors) along with crafting new PMM-specific troubleshooting methods via referencing sections within the API 11S9 RP. These examples should guide operators and service companies toward confidence in developing their own procedures for proper and safe handling of a PMM.

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