Electrical submersible pump (ESP) is the main artificial lift system in Shushufindi field. These systems besides facing high gas production, high scale and corrosion tendencies, also have to deal with surface fluid handling and electrical power limitations which combined impose challenges to optimize the ESP system. In perspective, the digitalization initiative has been key to integrate data in order to have a big picture of the actual field condition and ultimately to enhance oil production.

Various dashboards have been created using the business intelligence tool to provide real time information. ESP dashboard shows opportunities to optimize the ESP unit by integrating real time and manual entry data to optimize frequency, surface equipment, opportunities for pump upsizing, and re-designing the ESP downhole equipment. The result of this analysis is derived from ESP simulation, nodal analysis, chemical treatment monitoring and real time surveillance of the ESP parameters. Dashboards of water handling, electrical power, and chemical treatment are utilized to support process analysis providing current field status, with also the feedback from operational and engineering recommendations.

Comprehensive real time monitoring resulted in average of 500 bopd less production deferment in the last 12 months as the result of early detection and a proper operational optimization (chemical treatment, gas flaring, and choke optimization) of the unstable wells. Strategic decisions have been executed to ensure the availability of water handling capacity and electrical power for each production station such as stimulating disposal wells, cleaning injection flowlines, and repairing power generations. Up to 3,000 bopd total incremental has been generated in the last 12 months as the result of 17 upsizing operations, optimizing frequency in 68 wells, and optimizing surface equipment in 35 wells. The associated mean time between failures (MTBF) of ESP system has increased over the time from 224 days in 2013 to 674 days in 2020.

Digitalization is a game changer for optimizing the oilfield production and to reduce associated operation risks from features as of real time surveillance, EDGE computing, remote actuation, and big data intelligence. This paper will elaborate in detail on how digitalization can be valuable in optimizing ESP system with a successful case study in Shushufindi field.

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