A high-density 3D Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) motor skin thermal measurement project was carried out in an operating Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) well under varying ESP operating conditions. Utilizing high density Bragg grating fiber and a novel fiber optic interrogator technology a fiber optic measurement string was developed to allow for temperature measurement in 4 cm spacing and on 5 sides of an ESP motor. Utilizing this technology, a special ESP motor housing was developed, and a novel means of fiber optic string deployment engineered which allowed an instrumented ESP motor to be installed in an operating SAGD wellbore and a 3D high density thermal profile to be obtained under operating conditions.

The ESP was installed in a SAGD well in a relatively horizontal orientation and utilized a bottom-inflow style pump intake. The ESP was operated in several loading and flow rate scenarios to observe the effects of operating in different conditions. The objective of the testing program was to measure the thermal profile around the circumference and length of the ESP motor both to understand potential temperature differentials across the ESP motor and what thermal transfer may be occurring to the surrounding production fluid passing the ESP motor. The information collected from this testing program is intended to further the understanding of how the thermal profile of the ESP motor correlates with wellbore temperature, ESP motor loading and motor temperature modeling predictions.

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