Many McKittrick California wellbores are mature with a long reserve life. Original slotted liner gravel pack completions have eroded over time to pose a production threat. Sand enters the rod pumps and sticks the plungers. Additionally, conventional rod pumps on deep wells suffer more frequent rod parting events due to deviation and rod stretch, and CO2-mediated corrosion accelerates rod and tubing wear failures. The result is that rod pumps on this field's 3000+ feet deep, light oil sandstone wells have very poor reliability and require costly rig interventions to service. Enter the Cohelical-Axial Multiphase Pump (CHAMP) for ESP solution - a multiphase pump design to handle sand issues most centrifugal pumps cannot. Developed with assistance from Chevron Energy Technology Company through a joint industry project (JIP), the CHAMP-ESP is versatile to move high rate fluids with high sand/high gas/high viscosity content. This paper examines a case-study application to highlight the technical and economic challenges to keep these problematic old wells actively producing with the CHAMP-ESP concept. CHAMP and CHAMP-ESP are not trademarked names but rather acronyms created by the authors to facilitate understanding of the pump type and ESP system.

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