This study details the approach adopted by Pan American Energy to reduce power consumption in ESP applications. It is a holistic analysis of the main components that contribute to a significant increase in the system's global efficiency and the solutions implemented, including the use of:

  • Low Current Induction Motors (IM)

  • Permanent Magnet Motors (PMM) for slim applications (3.75" diameter)

  • Suitable pumps

  • Variable speed drives (Compatible for IM and PMM)

PMM provides several advantages to ESP systems while also improving the efficiency of the overall system. Compared to a similar frame size induction motor (IM) the PM motor length is significantly reduced, and when paired with a variable speed drive it has considerable operational advantages. Additionally, this motor will address applications of higher power requirements that cannot be produced today due to limitations on equipment size.

These units deliver a substantial improvement on:

  • ESP overall efficiency

  • Power Factor

  • Motor Power Density

  • HP available for slim wells

  • Flexibility of sizing for lifting loads

  • Installation time reduction

The experience in Pan American Energy shows the initial results of the field test units. A strict testing plan was implemented to verify the system performance under different production conditions.

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