Salym Petroleum Development (SPD) is a 50:50 joint venture between Shell and GazPromNeft. SPD has been developing the Salym group of fields in Western Siberia since 2003, having now over 600 ESP lifted wells. Salym group of fields are characterized by harsh conditions with scale & solids being the major cause of ESP failures. Since the average Water Cut exceeded 80%, SPD was carefully reviewing available technologies to economically produce low rate wells (<1000 bblpd) while assuring target drawdowns and with the ability to be installed below perforations passing high DLS sections.

One of the studied technologies was the Ultra-High Speed ESP System, which is utilizing a Permanent Magnet Motor with rotational speeds between 1,000 and 12,000 rpm. Due to its high nameplate operating speed of 10,000 rpm, the system is significantly shorter in length (2-3 times less compared against a conventional ESP length). Permanent magnet motors provide high power efficiency (over 90%), and high abrasion resistance (2 g/l) is achieved with hard alloys. Innovative modular pump design insures maximum efficiency of the system that could not be introduced to the industry in the past. It should be noted that conventrional ESPs have a narrow operating speed range of conventional ESPs (2400-4200 rpm).

This paper will provide a summary of the use of Ultra-High Speed ESP PMM System and refer to a project with recent field applications as good examples of its use. The proposed technology has been proven to be a great success at Salym Group of Fields and indications are that it has good potential to replace conventional ESPs in both low flow rate and high flow rate applications.

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