The following study considers the ESP system implementation experience from the year 2009 to 2016 in the challenging field of Samaria Luna located in the Southern Region of Mexico. During this time frame, many well failures occurred in the different processes of the ESP system. The study will present a comprehensive methodology that provides solutions to ultimately extend the run life of wells with ESP system. It will also discuss the solutions provided to the Samaria Luna project aiming to achieve an acceptable run life (MTBF) and compare it with international well run life indicators operating under similar field conditions of temperature, depth, gas, and other adverse conditions for artificial lift systems.

The diagnosis, failure analysis and root cause analysis for the time frame evaluation played an important role in the construction of the methodology. The results of the evaluation oriented to correction making, decision making and appropriate optimization strategies in various technical aspects such as: the different stages of the ESP system, energy quality, equipment maintenance, pump design, pump installation, well operation and well stabilization. Another important element that will be discussed in the methodology is the external close supervision from PEMEX to manufacturers and vendors in the field, the office and software use and application in the different stages of the project.

There are currently not many fields in the world with these characteristics. However, over time artificial lift systems such as gas lift become inefficient due to an increase in the water cut parameter. For this reason, in more fields of the world the eventual decision is to transition to ESP as the alternative artificial lift system due to the advantages of operating in greater depth reservoirs and having much higher volumes of production.

It is important to share the lessons learnt: optimization strategies, design methodologies, positive and negative operational practices and other technical actions that have been executed in the Samaria Luna project that may assist as reference to other fields in the world under similar operating conditions (high temperature above 280 F, great depths above 12,000 Ft, high GOR above 1500 SCF/STB).

The recommendations of this project may be applied in other projects and directly or indirectly help improve the run life of wells with ESP system, increasing the project profitability in any part of the world.

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