Accurate sand prediction in deviated and perforated wells in an anisotropic stress field is not possible with simple analytical models. An advanced finite element model (FE model) has the capability to simulate any geometry and nearly any material behavior, but has, due to its complexity, in the past only been applied by a few specialists. By adding a user-friendly interface based on Internet technology, and letting the user select from a collection of predefined FE models, the user is now able to perform advanced sand prediction simulations from a WEB page. The user is required to specify formation properties, rock stresses, reservoir and well pressures and completion geometry as input parameters. From this input and a library of FE meshes, the simulator generates the finite element model and starts the simulation. The results are presented to the user in a WEB page. The results are presented in a standard and consistent way, which ensures good quality control in the interpretation of the results. By using this sand prediction simulator, complex modeling of the sand production potential is now available for all production engineers involved in well completion design in Statoil.

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