The effect of carbon dioxide sorption – desorption on hard coal on acoustic emission (AE) and temperature (T) changes have been carried out on granular coal samples. The study was conducted primarily in order to answer the following questions: Do measurements on AE and T changes provide a good indication of the proneness of coal to outbursts? Is it possible to find correlation between AE and T characteristic and petrographic structure of a coal? Data are presented as plots of AE and T parameters versus time.

The experimental data presented lead to the following conclusions:

  • AE and T versus time plots show that they provide a very good measure of the proneness of coal to gas and coal outbursts.

  • There is a direct influence of porous structure and petrographic composition of coal on its behaviour during carbon dioxide sorption – desorption

  • AE and T measurements have been shown to be promising for predicting outbursts.

  • The results obtained in this study are also relevant to coal – methane system.

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