This paper examines the poromechanics-related aspects in the propagation/recession of an axi-symmetric hydraulic fracture. Using a penny-shaped geometry, the fluid leakoff is modelled as a pressure-dependent phenomenon coupled with the poroelastic stresses induced by changes of the porepressure. The system of equations that couples the formation poroelastic response with the flow of a Newtonian or power law fluid in a fracture is described. The fracture model is formulated in a moving coordinate system and solved using a pseudo-explicit finite difference scheme. The programme, "McFrac," has the following features: (i) a fixed mesh for a propagating/receding fracture, (ii) the capability for fluid flow-back, and (iii) a pressure-dependent fluid leakoff. The numerical simulation indicates that poroelastic processes coupled with the fluid leakoff affect not only the pressure history at the wellbore, but also the fracture's dimensions.

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