The subject paper is a review of the philosophy, planning, execution and results for the first successful Coiled Tubing Drilling ultra short radius horizontally drilled well into a gas storage reservoir. The paper will seek to describe the process and results for the just mentioned areas.

The philosophy behind CTD and the idea of using it as a tool to enhance gas storage deliverability and the associated costs are considered. This well achieved an 800% increase in gas deliverability after sidetracking, as compared to the original wellbore. The idea of rate of penetration enhancement is strongly conveyed to help the audience understand how this drives drilling parameters and hence, cost.

Planning for CTD operations is discussed and includes a geological discussion. The use of Coiled Tubing and the BHA used to perform this operation are discussed. One tool for several functions drives down cost by reducing process steps.

Execution of the project from mobilization to demobilization is briefly discussed as are lessons learned. Ideas are suggested for further improvement. Some of the issues identified to date will be much more refined prior to paper delivery. This is due to the idea that more work is on the immediate horizon

The first well (KW-34) was re-entered and sidetracked in September, 1998.

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