Reservoir evaluation for the purpose of production enhancement is generally conducted by the reservoir or production engineering department, which then forwards results to subsequent departments for review. Increased evaluation time and lack of synergy between disciplines during the evaluation process may result in bypassing significant reserves or pre-mature field abandonment. The evaluation of a nearly abandoned field in White County, Illinois was performed through a team approach, which integrated engineering, geology, operations, and management into a seamless network. This allowed the evaluation to proceed effectively, with each discipline having access to current evaluation data on a real-time basis.

Evaluation methodology and team integration techniques were beneficial in reviving this sucrosic dolomite carbonate field that generated cumulative production of over 279,000 stock tank barrels of oil, but had declined to less than 5 barrels of oil per day, making the field uneconomical to operate. Reserve evaluation, geological interpretation, production operations facilities, and economics were brought together in an attempt to prove and produce additional reserves. Computer modeling was also used to test and validate different scenarios to optimize recovery and cash flow from the project. This paper will describe the reservoir, geologic environment, production and recovery method, and the economic advantages of the project, as well as show the benefits of reservoir evaluation from a team perspective.

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