Zonal stimulation using hydraulic Fracturing, which typically was performed through jointed pipe, has recently been performed with Coiled Tubing. In the last two years, over one thousand fracturing treatments in North America have been executed using this method. Coiled Tubing allows a method of stimulating individual, bypassed or marginal zones, using positive zonal placement of proppant. Coiled tubing also gives the advantage of treating a well under pressure without introducing a kill fluid to the formation. In the Appalachians, where multiple small zones exist in one wellbore, this technology can provide significant cost savings by reducing trips to the well, equipment on location, and rig time to move downhole hardware. Coiled tubing fracturing eliminates the need for bridge plugs and allows stimulation of multiple zones in a single trip to the well. Ultimately the size of a stimulation treatment can be re-engineered because of the positive isolation for each specific zone in the wellbore. The overall effect to the producer is greater production at a lower total cost.

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