MRI logs are well logs that use nuclear magnetic resonance to accurately measure free fluid, irreducible water (MBVI), and effective porosity (MPHI). Permeability is then calculated using a mathematical function that incorporates these measured properties. This paper describes the methodology developed to generate synthetic Magnetic Resonance Imaging logs using data obtained by conventional well logs such as SP, Gamma Ray, Caliper, and Resistivity. The synthetically generated logs are named virtual Magnetic Imaging Logs or "MRI" logs for short.

This methodology incorporates artificial neural networks as its main tool. virtual MRI logs for irreducible water saturation (MBVI) and effective porosity (MPHI) as well as permeability (MPERM) were generated for four wells. These wells are located in East Texas, Gulf of Mexico, Utah, and New Mexico. The results are quite encouraging.

It is shown that MPHI, MBVI, and MPERM logs can be generated with a high degree of accuracy. For each case, 30% of the data were used to develop the neural model. The model was then tested on the remaining 70% of the data for verification. The models provide VMRI logs with approximately 80 to 97 percent accuracy using data not employed during model development.

This methodology does not supersede the need for performing MRI logging in a field. It is designed to supplement the process by reducing the cost of using MRI logging on an entire field. The natural application of this process is in fields that have conventional logs for all of the wells but MRI logs for only a few wells. To generate the virtual MRI logs for every well in a field, data from wells that have both conventional and MRI logs are used in the model development and verification. The model is then applied to the other wells in the field to generate the virtual MRI logs for these wells.

Using this process, the operator can log a few strategically chosen wells using physical MRI tools and produce virtual MRI logs for the entire field. This will allow the development of an accurate representation of effective porosity, free fluid, irreducible water saturation, and permeability for the entire field.

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