From December 1993 through October 1996 the Gas Research Institute (GRI) and several local producers were involved in field case studies which applied Advanced Stimulation Technologies (AST). The objective of the studies was to demonstrate new and emerging technologies that would help the operators optimize hydraulic fracture treatment design, execution, and evaluation. The technologies were demonstrated by applying them to wells (study wells) in the areas of interest. The technologies demonstrated included coring, special logging, pre- and post-fracture well testing, production data analysis, in-situ stress profiling, 3D hydraulic fracture design, real-time fracture diagnostics, and quality control (QC). For each study, a benefits analysis was performed by comparing production from the study wells to offset well production to determine if the application of the technologies was beneficial to the operators. All the studies showed some economic benefit to the operator in the form of increased production, reduced treatment costs, or a combination of both.

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