This paper describes a new diagnostic process that can be applied to gas-storage wells. This technique consists of identifying damage mechanisms and designing individual treatments for each mechanism.

The damage identification portion of the new process involves integrating (1) borehole imaging, (2) downhole sampling, (3) well testing, (4) laboratory analyses, (5) reservoir evaluation, and (6) reviews of well and field histories. This part of the process is partially based on results from a previous formation- damage identification study funded by the Gas Research Institute (GRI).

Two case studies are provided. Based on overall economic results, field deliverability enhancement projects featuring the new diagnostic process have greater gas deliverability potential than conventionally treated wells. The two case studies presented were performed in porous-media gas-storage fields. Case Study 1 (Page 3) was performed on a pressure-drive carbonate reservoir. Case Study 2 (Page 4) was performed on a water-drive clastic reservoir.

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