Today applications of drilling require proper identification of operations where a cost reduction is possible. Many indicators are present when one tries to optimize the drilling operations such as casing size and mud properties. On the other hand the selection of the optimum bit requires information from a variety of sources. The parameters affecting the bit performance are complex and their relationship is not easily recognized. The general trend is to evaluate the performance of the bit from an offset well.

A new methodology was developed to model the rate of penetration and bit wear under various formation types and operating parameters. This method introduces a new approach with improved bit wear prediction. A simulator was used to generate drilling data to eliminate errors coherent to field measurements. The data generated was used to establish the relationship between the complex patterns such as weight on bit, rotary speed, pump rates, formation hardness, and bit type.

The method was tested using data from runs conducted with a rig floor simulator. The validity of the proposed method was also demonstrated with data from an existing field.

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