This paper presents the development of a 3-D computer graphics software for displaying wellbore trajectories. The software is designed for use with PC microcomputer operating under MICROSOFT WINDOWS™ environment. Examples of the software application are given in two important areas of directional drilling: 1) avoidance of wellbore collisions and 2) planning and drilling monitoring of relief wells.

First, the paper presents the basic theory behind the computer graphics techniques used for developing the computer software. Second, it presents the display modes and important features provided by the system that includes 2-D and 3-D views of wellbore trajectories with ability of rotation, zoom-in and zoom-out, and display of uncertainty ellipses. These features are very helpful in planning and monitoring wellbore trajectories. Also, these capabilities allow the software to be used as a powerful training tool.

The last part of the paper illustrates the application of this graphic system in planning and monitoring: 1) directional drilling in high density well areas such as offshore platforms in order to avoid wellbore collision; and 2) the relief well drilling to assist in the approaching procedure between relief and blowing wells and the use of ranging tools.

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