The Crawford Field is a very large gas storage field located in Hocking and Fairfield Counties, Ohio. The Crawford field lies along the distal edge of the clastic wedge that forms the Silurian aged Clinton delta complex. The Clinton sands in the field consist of multi-stacked, coalescing, lenticular sandstones and siltstones deposited as distributary channel sands, interbedded with marine shales and floodplain muds. The Clinton sequence strikes N 17° E with a dip to the southeast of about 62 ft/mi.

The main purpose of the study was to create a strategic plan for developing the Crawford gas field for storage operations in the most efficient and cost effective manner. In the study we have verified the number of wells required in the Crawford Gas Storage Field to inject and withdraw the monthly schedule assigned by Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation, determined the best well priority for the field, and defined the amount of gas migration northward into an undrilled future development area of the field.

In order to accomplish this study, the reservoir area of approximately 40,000 by 70,000 feet was gridded in a 45 by 75 single layer model with uniform cells of aspect ratio of 1.062. A history match of 3 cycles (1989 to 1993) was performed with a very good agreement between the simulation and field results. With the reservoir description adjusted from the history match a 3 cycle forecast (1993 to 1996) was performed. This forecast allowed Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation to analyze the Crawford Gas Storage Field capability for the next three years.

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