With the introduction of reasonably-priced 386-based, co-processed, multi-meg. hard drive laptops occuring at the same time ASCII formatted log data became available in the field from logging companies, the ability of the company geologist or engineer to quickly analyze this data themselves, while in the field, became possible.

Basically the CSA program takes a spreadsheet with all pertinent formulas, macros, settings (print, database and communications) and compiles these templates into runtime applications. The advantages of this system are in both the mechanical aspect (where the compiled program will run many times faster than the original; will utilize co-processor and expanded memory support; and will support virtual memory by using the system hard drive as temporary storage when all available RAM has been exhausted), and the programming aspect (where all formulae, macros and settings can be easily tailored to customer criteria and then become secure and unmodifiable).

Once the templates have been compiled into a CSA runtime application, they may be legally run without the need of the original spreadsheet software or the resulting royalties.

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