The unconventional reservoirs in the Devonian Shales are considered to be the most underdeveloped and potentially the most productive source of natural gas in the Appalachian Basin. The identification of high potential areas for exploration and development of Devonian Shale formations with respect to economic production of natural gas is becoming increasingly difficult. During the past two years, the gas produced from the Devonian Shale horizons has encountered additional difficulties in remaining competitive due to the declining demand and gas supply surplus. For Devonian Shale resources to remain competitive and regain the market, it is necessary to reduce the cost of exploration, drilling and production. It must further be recognized that the development of the Devonian Shale gas resources is limited not only by existing engineering technology but also by the identification of prospective areas where the technology can be successfully applied. It is, therefore, essential that target areas for shale development be selected based upon sound exploration rationales.

One economic means of exploiting the Devonian Shale is through multiple completion in conjunction with shallow gas-bearing formations which are stratigraphically located above the shale horizons. The overall objective of this study is to delineate, assess and evaluate areas which are potential candidates for multiple completion in the Devonian Shale formations as well as shallower gas-bearing horizons (such as Big Injun, Weir, Berea, and Big Lime) in West Virginia. The reservoir parameters such as porosity, gas saturation, net formation thickness, open flow potential, and production data have been collected and analyzed to identify and evaluate high potential areas for the mentioned formations. The qualitative and quantitative interpretations of data and assessment of areas for future development have been enhanced by computer generated maps. These maps provide interregional comparison as well as a guide for future optimization of stimulation treatments. The identification of potential areas amenable to multiple completion has been achieved by superimposition of the generated maps of Devonian Shale and other gas-bearing horizons.

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