The purpose of this article is to introduce, to the independent oil and gas operators, the concept of a microcomputer-based consultant system that employs interactive video. An interactive computer-video system is a powerful information tool. It has many applications in exploration, drilling, completion, stimulation, production, and business aspects of the petroleum industry.

Such an interactive computer system conviently provides the rules and knowledge required to improve and to maintain the quality of work in a particular discipline. This unique software/ hardware application integrates all activities which are mandatory in improving the oil and gas production potential of exploration and development wells. It can be simply described as an intelligent video workstation employing a structed electronic approach for handling the day-to-day field operations and business activities. Now, the microcomputer can be effectively used as a cost saving aid in decision making and problem diagnosis. The system will furnish the small operator with the same capabilities as those possessed by large oil companies.

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