The purpose of this study was to apply principles of the Log-Inject-Log technique through utilization of the Thermal Neutron Decay Time Log (TDT) to ascertain reservoir parameters necessary for an evaluation of a perspective secondary/tertiary flood. This technique provides insitu measurements for determination of residual oil saturation and estimates of bulk volume movable oil and gas saturation. To achieve this purpose log-inject-log was employed in conjunction with open hole log data in a heterogeneous, pressure depleted Big Injun sandstone reservoir. This study represents the first application of the log-inject-log method in the Appalachian Basin.

The log-inject-log process required multiple TDT logging runs following alternate injections of low and high salinity waters. Well site procedures for acquisition of the necessary raw data are presented with a description of the interpretation model. A computer analysis of the data used open hole log measurements as a data base for reservoir characteristics needed to obtain residual oil saturation from the log-inject-log data.

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