It is now well known that effective microbiological control is a critical component of any success-fully executed hydraulic fracturing operation. However, a debate still rages over where disinfection needs to occur. One opinion advocates above ground treatment, where the frac water is fully disinfected before entering the formation, while a second opinion focuses on biocide addition to the blender, and hence the formation, to adequately kill deleterious microbes that might already exist downhole. There is no universally accepted process, but it has been generally accepted that disinfection utilizing both approaches is too costly to consider, especially considering today's energy market conditions.

This paper will discuss a new, patented low-cost approach to above ground frac water disinfection, that when combined with a blender applied "preservative" treatment yields superior disin-fection results at a lower cost than traditional frac water disinfection processes.

A slight variation of the process has been utilized over the past 24 months with two Northeast opera-tors, providing disinfection results equal to or better than the previous programs at a significant savings to the operator.

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