The demand for energy is increasing exponentially in the U.S and internationally. As a clean source of energy, the natural gas production is gaining importance. Many potential sources exist for gas production in the Appalachian Basin with the Marcellus shale being the largest resource in the U.S. This covers several states in the Eastern U.S. and plays a vital role in the future of gas production.

One of the unknowns of the Marcellus shale is the lack of commercially available information. Information on well and completion designs for the Marcellus shale is rather vague and tightly lipped. This information plays a key role in the production of these shale wells and can determine whether or not these wells may or may not be economical.

In this study, simulations have been conducted with several wellbore configurations for gas production from the Marcellus shale. Some of the parameters studied include lateral wellbore length, propped half length and the amount of fracture stages along with others. Economic evaluations were performed to determine the most cost efficient configuration. The average present day completion costs and projected sale price of gas are used in the calculation process.

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