Pumping water from a well is a straight forward effort that has been done for centuries. Pumping fluid from relatively shallow wells should be an easy task. Normally a pump is installed in a well, started and then forgotten. This premise does not hold true in CBM wells. In CBM wells, this pumping process can be complicated by many issues unless precautions are taken. This paper is designed to address the basic precautions that can be taken to improve de-watering of CBM wells and will focus on real experiences in producing CBM wells and the steps required to make them economical.

Even though every well is different, this paper will focus on the common areas that are key to getting acceptable performance using an ESP as the primary artificial lift method. As in most pumping situations, success is planned for and not just an accident.

  1. Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP’s) best practices for a vertical well: This paper will address the key areas of importance for optimizing operations in a vertical well. The paper will address issues like proper motor cooling, successful operation in turbulent conditions and gas lock avoidance and solids control.

    This paper will concentrate on these three items and show through real case histories how CBM can be successfully produced through proven dewatering techniques.

  2. Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP’s) best practices for a horizontal well: A horizontal well is a place an ESP flexibility can really shine. This paper will identify the key areas that drastically improve the chances of success. The paper will identify the operational differences and the different options in running in a horizontal well compared to a vertical well. It will cover the preplanning required to avoid negative operational issues including gas locking, solids intrusion and optimized drawdown.

This paper will concentrate on these two items and highlight techniques that will increase the effectiveness of utilizing ESP equipment for dewatering.

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