The complex nature of gas production from CBM reservoirs requires significantly more reservoir properties than conventional reservoirs. Parametric studies are often conducted to evaluate the impact of the reservoir parameters on recovery factor, well performance, and future revenues. To conduct parametric studies, the production behavior must be predicted for ranges of various reservoir parameters. In order to incorporate the unique flow and storage characteristics of CBM reservoirs, it necessary to utilize complicated and expensive reservoir models to predict production performance of the CBM reservoirs. Therefore, a simple yet reliable tool is needed for predicting production behavior of CBM reservoir. The CBM Production Predication Tool developed in this study is a quick and reliable tool that can assist the typical gas producers in evaluation of CBM prospects. The tool utilizes the previously developed CBM Production Type Curves as a foundation to predict the production performance. The results can be used to evaluate the economic feasibility and to maximize potential recovery. To simplify the application of type curves for parametric studies a software package with a graphical user interface using Visual Basic programming language has been developed. The input requirements are simple and straight forward. The output is provided both in graphical and tabulated forms which can be exported into spreadsheet for further analysis by the user.

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