EC bit is an expandable and contractable bit a new concept of drilling the boreholes of different radii at different depths and in zone of our choice without changing the size of bit and without tripping operations.

During conventional drilling boreholes of different radii at respective depths are being drilled. In order to drill boreholes of different radii bits of different sizes are manufactured which consumes tremendous amount of material, time and finally the cost. In order to face this challenge here a tool has been proposed which uses single comprehensive bit size to drill complete well. The mechanism of this tool is based on the concept of rack and pinion system. The rotation of gears (pinions) and movement of the racks will help us to drill the borehole of radii of our choice.

With the help of this tool the important advantage is that the drillstring is not changed every time, only one size of drillstring is being used to drill complete well. This revolutionary idea of manufacturing ONLY ONE BIT SIZE will cost the drilling contractor a tremendous reduction in costs of bits. The other advantages include enhance production, reduction in skin damage and control the problem of sand production.

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