Current technologies create the possibility of gathering oil field data through the use of Personal Digital Assistance (PDA).PDA can provide a convenient means of transferring and storing data.

The problem that many small production companies experience is in the cost of creating or purchasing a system that utilizes PDAs.

This paper identifies the needs of production companies and describes a program, which can be used by production companies.


The objective of this project is to create a stand-alone software package that will support field operations of a typical well tender. The software will be capable of maintaining data and performing simple calculations that are commonly found in field operations. Data will be made available for use in both the field and the office.

Many smaller companies, which often operate marginal wells, have difficulty justifying the expense of implementing an efficient (by modern standards) field data gathering system. Programming and setup requires significant time from trained personnel. The expense of such a system would deter smaller companies.

The program will provide such a system and will be made available to the public free of charge through the Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission and the Department of Energy (pending approval).

The program will accommodate the varying practices and equipment used throughout the country. It will incorporate as many conditions and facilities as possible without losing its ease of use.

The major results are the parameters identified and problems that were addressed.

The program provides small companies with affordable programs that will be beneficial in the field, especially marginal fields. The program is versatile enough to be used in many fields throughout the country.

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