This presentation introduces a method for continuous monitoring of water flood performance data whether it be for individual wells, group of wells, or an entire field. Efficiency of immiscible displacement using water injection depends on a number of parameters including mobility ratio, aspect ratio and the heterogeneity index. Cumulative Water Oil Ratio, here referred to as CWOR, can serve as a dimensionless parameter to assess the efficiency of a flood. For typical ranges of these controlling parameters, a simulation based study was conducted covering multiple combinations of these factors. Estimations were made of the expected ranges of CWOR's. These ranged from 1.5 to over 50. Additionally, the buildup trends of instantaneous WOR (IWOR) versus CWOR for various reservoir specific conditions were examined as a monitoring tool to gauge the efficiency of a flood versus the expected asymptotic levels. A procedure is suggested for estimation of reservoir heterogeneity index from comparisons dimensionless plots of IWOR vs. CWOR.

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