The newest technological advancement in the Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) industry has been the development of composite stators and rotors. Included in this design concept is a reversing of the conventional elastomer and hard surface interface. The stator, in this design concept, is made of a hard composite material and is placed in a steel tube jacket. The rotor can be made of steel or composite material and coated with an even thickness of a soft and durable polyurethane. The urethane offers increased wear resistance and mechanical properties over conventional elastomers and the even thickness offers additional performance enhancements. Also, the elastomeric placed on the rotor offers the well-servicing advantages of the wear element being located on the end of the sucker rod string rather than on the end of the tubing string. The composite PCP becomes a low cost, highly durable PCP that incorporates the emerging even thickness elastomer technology.

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