Limited entry design techniques have proven successful for the simultaneous fracture stimulation of the Fruitland Coal and the Pictured Cliffs sandstone in the T28N-R7W Federal Unit of the San Juan basin, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico1 . Optimization of this completion technique is dependent upon determining and placing the required effective propped fracture length in the coal and sandstone formations.

This manuscript addresses utilizing limited entry techniques and a 3D fracture model. The model is then used to design N2 foam proppant fracture treatments in the coal and sandstone formations. This completion methodology allows reserves to be recovered from the Fruitland Coal at a significant cost reduction.

With the different mechanical and reservoir properties of the two formation types, created fracture geometry will vary in each formation. Methods used to model these varied fracture geometries are discussed. Net pressure and production data analysis provide estimates for the effective propped fracture lengths in each formation.

Radioactive tracer and production logs are presented as supporting evidence to validate the well completion design, the fracture modeling inputs and the stimulation of both formations simultaneously.

Using this fracture modeling technology leads to increased reserve recovery and cost effective proppant fracture treatments.

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