Economic conditions in the oilfield have identified many areas in which traditional operating procedures are no longer cost effective and must be replaced by alternative methods with more stringent economic parameters. In the UK, this trend has been embodied in the "Cost Reduction in the New Era (CRINE) Initiative."

This paper will present a method used by one service company in the UK to develop an extended well test (EWT) process plant within the CRINE disciplines. By making modifications to existing equipment, the expenditure for new equipment was reduced. This innovative strategy allowed the service company to develop a processing plant that would meet all operational requirements within the operator's cost objectives.

The case history will provide:

  1. The cost to build the extended well test (EWT) processing plant using modified existing equipment compared to the cost of the EWT if new equipment had been used.

  2. Methods for modifying existing resources to meet other early production system (EPS) applications.

  3. Methods for modifying similar industry pressure vessels for EWT or EPS applications.

  4. Information on how long-term labor-cost reductions can be generated.

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