The use of Na-silicate gel in producers is a method to reduce watercut and improve oil recovery by diverting the flow of water in the reservoir. This has been tested twice at the Gullfaks field in the North Sea and the results are encouraging.

This paper focuses on the second treatment at Gullfaks October 1994, where more than 4000 m3 of gelant solution were injected into a partly watered out zone in a producer. The treatment resulted in a reduced watercut and increased oil recovery from the Lower Rannoch formation. Additional oil production of 130,000 Sm3 by the year 2000 is predicted. The added net present value due to this gel treatment is estimated to more than 50 million NOK's at 10% discount rate.

Input parameters used to describe the gelation process and the effect of Na-silicate gel in a numerical simulator are given.

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