This paper will discuss the progress that has been made in the development of multi-lateral completions that have a broader scope of application than those originally used in hard rock formations. Numerous multi-lateral wells have been drilled, particularly in the Austin Chalk where openhole completions are common. In other lithologies, a more sophisticated completion method is required to maintain borehole stability, flow control/well maintenance capabilities. For this purpose, a project was undertaken to develop a multi-lateral system that

- mechanically connects the lateral liner to the parent casing,

- allows through tubing re-entry access to selected laterals, and

- seals the junction between the lateral and parent bore to enable flow control capability.

In addition, the hole size of the lateral has been maximized in comparison to the parent wellbore casing. Bench tests of the components of the system were performed, and then, a full scale system test was conducted. An integrated development approach with a multi-disciplinary design team and direct producing company involvement was used. The system developed to fulfill the criteria described above was successfully tested and is currently undergoing field installations.

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