Statoil has cooperated with Hunting Engineering Ltd. to establish a simulation software tool applicable to offshore industry needs. The software has been named AIMLO (Analysis of Installation Manning, Logistics and Operations).

The purpose of this paper is to show that a simulation model of this type can be used to determine how manpower and installation productivity are affected by:

Installation characteristics, including:

Type of equipment installed

Criticality of main functions

Failure modes and Mean Time Between Failures

Events/Failures that require an immediate visit

Maximum number of men allowed on the platform

Manpower characteristics, including:

Location of the maintenance crew

Each man’s skills

Shift patterns

Logistics support levels, including:

Alternative transportation routes and times

Availability of a helicopter

Operating and maintenance policies, including:

Maintenance strategy

Type, amount and frequency of workload activities

Required skills and seniorities

Other activities

Control philosophy

Intervention philosophy

The model results can make a significant contribution to the design and policy decisions which impact on the operational availability and whole life cost of an installation.

The paper is presented in two parts. The first part describes the application of the model to a specific project. For commercial reasons the quantitative information derived during this study is omitted from the paper. The second part describes the origins and nature of the simulation technique, and how it may be developed in the future.

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