The advent of small, powerful personal computers has led to the development of many inexpensive and comprehensive data analysis packages which allow the engineer to manipulate and display various types of test and field data. Without proper organization and a systematic approach, however, the benefit of such programs in obtaining an understanding of field production trends and mechanisms is often lost.

The objective of this paper is to present a method of displaying performance information in a simple and complete form to assist the engineer in visualizing (i) individual well behaviour, (ii) regional trends, and (iii) overall field performance.

Once the relevant data has been organized and displayed effectively, its use in the determination of

  • individual well production capability

  • regional performance and inter-well communication

  • reservoir pressure support and effectiveness of water injection

  • oil recovery and possible reservoir extension

will be discussed. It will also be shown how this information can be used to identify wells requiring stimulations to improve productivities, as well as the need for infill drilling to maximize field recovery. Any gaps in the data, or the need for additional information required to assist in development planning, will also be apparent once the data is analysed.

Finally, for increased clarify, use of the techniques will be illustrated with field examples.

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