Daqing Oilfield is the largest oilfield in China. It provides 50% of China's yearly total oil production of 120 million tons. The no. 6 production plant of Daqing Oilfield is the pioneer in computer application for petroleum production in China. In 1981, the No. 6 production plant bought its first computer. In 1985, based on the comprehensive applications of computers, a network was built to connect all the information sources and decision making agents including production teams, technical service teams, geology teams, testing teams, production management and control offices. Later on, the operation system was put into the network. According to the specific situations in the oilfield, over 300 softwares were developed and their application was very fruitful. With the application of computers, oil production increased by over 1%, production cost decreased by 15%. Energy consumption and equipment damage are decreased. After the computerization in the oilfield, the no. 6 production plant gets economic benefits over 30 million Yuan (5 million U.S. dollars).

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