Recent work has shown that rock heterogeneity at the sub-metre scale may have a significant effect on hydrocarbon recovery. These effects need to be upscaled to obtain accurate effective parameters (pseudo properties) to input into full field simulations. Modelling the wide range of scales inherent in hydrocarbon reservoirs is a demanding task which can be greatly assisted by a purpose-built software package. We are therefore developing the Geopseudo Atlas package to address this need. The package integrates reservoir simulation with recent advances in geological modelling, allowing the engineer to create permeability models which are geologically realistic, and to calculate the effective flow properties of such models. It is designed to complement the many existing large-scale reservoir modelling packages. The Geopseudo Atlas is intended to be an important tool linking geological models, data, and reservoir simulators.

The package comprises four sections: the Atlas which contains a selection of ready-worked examples; Data Analysis which performs simple statistical analysis on available data; Field Generation which creates deterministic and stochastic permeability models; and Scale-up which performs single and two phase flow simulation. The Geopseudo Atlas is menu driven and runs on Unix-based machines with Motif. It is intended to interface with commercially available packages, such as the ECLIPSE™ reservoir simulation package, and STRATAMODEL™ and IREX™ for 3D visualisation.

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