This paper deals with an expert system developed for the assessment of fluid corrosivity in oil and gas production wells and for the selection and evaluation of metallic materials. Main aims of the system are: corrosion assessment, material selection and compatibility evaluation, economics, risk assessment, analysis of suitable corrosion control methods, cost comparisons. Accordingly, the system has been developed by individual specialist modules, able to provide the user with some partial answers (such as corrosion rate, likelihood of localized corrosion, stress corrosion cracking susceptibility, suitability of a material, etc.) or the final solution (i.e., the corrosion control method). An explanation module visualizes the rules utilized and allows to create a file for each session and to print a report containing all input data and the results obtained. Emphasis has been devoted to the interfaces to be as much as possible user-friendly. For the development of the system, a commercial shell has been used, suitable to run on personal computers.

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