The graphics workstation, with ever increasing power and decreasing cost, has provided the user community with a suitable platform for the investigation of reservoir simulation problems that are both CPU intensive and require more sophisticated methods of visualization.

Many commercially available visualization software systems provide a part of the functionality required by today's reservoir engineers, but none of those evaluated offered a seamless, advanced functionality environment with intuitive and ergonomic human-machine interface.

The decision was therefore taken to create a system for the preparation and visualization of reservoir simulation data on a graphics workstation, in particular, fluid flow and particle tracking data, using a high level graphical language which takes advantage of advanced hardware capability.

The requirements identified as necessary to provide the visualization support to practicing reservoir simulation engineers are described.

The package was developed as two separate tools, one for data preparation, the other for visualization. The method of data preparation for the fluid flow and particle tracking is described. The choice of programming language, graphics library and workstation platform is then presented, followed by the development and functionality of the visualization tool. Finally, examples of the use of the system in real field development studies are given.

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